Bailey - Age 3 (Tripod Dog)
Dogs - To be homed with a young, playful companion dog
Cats - Not cat tested
Children - Older, dog respectful children

Dogs - Bailey loves to run and to play with other dogs therefore we would like Bailey homed with a young, playful companion, preferably female, he loves the ladies!
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Cats - Bailey has not been cat tested therefore we do not know how he will be living with cats.

Children- Bailey has a lovely nature however we do not know his history with children,having only recently had surgery we would like Bailey to have a quieter home therefore we will be looking for a home with older, dog respectful children or child free.

Personality- Bailey loves life to the full, he enjoys his walks and loves people unconditionally. He’s a smart boy that quickly picked up his basic commands sit and down and will enjoy continued training. Bailey has a playful nature about him and is often seen tossing a toy about.
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Suitable home - Bailey will need someone home most of the time to help him settle, he has gone through many changes over the last couple of weeks following on from his surgery to being in foster to recuperate. We will be looking for a home with a large garden for Bailey to explore and the opportunity to have plenty of off lead exercise, long walks on lead will be harder going for a tripod dog.

*Additional information *
Bailey arrived at Holbrook in August 2020, a gentle dog who loves life. We knew he was slightly lame but at that point were unaware of the nature of his condition.

We noticed a number of things, his tendency to lie down frequently, unusual in a young dog, and reduced bone density in his hip. He also had 10 stitches in his leg but we had no idea why. However he ran and played with such energy and obvious enjoyment that it was hard to believe he was in pain or that there was anything much wrong.

When Bailey was taken to the vets they recommended a procedure known as femoral head excision rather than a total hip replacement. Femoral head excision is a salvage surgical procedure in which the femoral head is removed with the intention of eliminating bone to bone contact.

On Monday 9th November Bailey went into the vets and we all waited anxiously for news.

Sadly when the vet attempted the procedure he found that the damage was too great and the leg had to be removed. It looked as though an attempt had been made previously and probably done more harm than good. We had such hope and were devastated with the result but we took comfort in the knowledge that Bailey would now be pain free.

If you feel you can give Bailey the home he is looking for please complete the application form below