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Autumn – Age 20 months (05/19)
Dogs – To be homed with a young, playful companion dog
Cats – Unknown
Children – Older dog respectful children

Dogs – Autumn loves to play wrestle with some of the other dogs at Holbrook and gains confidence from being around them therefore we will be looking for a home with a playful young companion dog.

Cats – We do not know Autumn’s history with cats

Children – Autumn has a beautiful nature about her but we do not know her history with children, we will consider older, dog respectful children and each app will be viewed individually.

Personality – Autumn is a lover, not a fighter! She can still be a little nervous when meeting new people but has learnt to trust quickly. Fast hand movements still worry her, she will shy away but quickly returns when she realises all is ok.

Autumn loves to play wrestle with some of the other dos and although she can often be found in the mix of things she’s equally happy to snuggle up on the sofa for a nap.

Autumn is a smart girl that focuses well on 1-2-1 training which will need continuing in her new home.

Suitable home – Autmn will need someone home much of the time to help her settle. She will need a family that understands she can still be unsure of certain situations and that she will need a slow introduction to the big world.

For a little dog Autumn can jump quite high, with little effort! She will happily jump the 4ft fence to get into the sensory garden to see what’s going on and although she has never tried to escape she will need a home with a fully secure garden/6ft fencing all round.

Additional Information
Since Autumn arrived at Holbrook we have been working on her confidence around the lead. She now walks up and down the lane, initially she was scared of cars passing but this has improved no end. Her new family will need to understand that her introductions to the world when on lead will need to be done slowly, at a pace she is comfortable with. Autumn is more confident when walking with another dog.

If you feel you can give Autumn the home she is looking for please complete the application form below.
Adoption donation and home-check applies

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