Arlo – Age 22months
Breed – Dachshund
Dogs – To be homed with 1 or more companion dogs
Cats – Can be homed with cats
Children – Older, dog respectful children 14 +

Dogs – Arlo gets on well with other dogs and due to his separation anxiety we feel that living with one or more companion dogs will help his confidence. Arlo gets on well with both male and female dogs equally and enjoys following their lead and playing.

Cats – Arlo has met the resident cats while in foster, he has shown little interest therefore we feel he could be homed with suitable cats that are used to dogs in the home.

Children – Arlo can find children overwhelming, we will be looking for a home without children or with children age 14 +

Personality – Arlo is very affectionate, he loves to cuddle up with his human in the evenings and likes to be in the mix of things. Arlo does suffer with separation anxiety; his foster family have been addressing this slowly however this will need continued work in his new home.

We were informed that in his previous home he showed guarding behaviours, although we have not seen this behaviour while he has been in foster it is possible that once he settles into his new home they will present themselves. Arlo is an energetic little dog that only knows his very basic commands, he has some recall but this is not solid and not to be relied on, again this will need further training. Arlo will benefit from obedience training in his new home. Arlo walks well on lead but does pull. He settles a little after a few minutes, lead training will need to be continued.

Suitable home – Due to Arlo’s separation Anxiety we will be looking for a home with someone there much of the time to help him settle. We will also be looking for a Dachshund experienced home that understands the breed. Arlo is a wonderful little dog but he does need guidance and training and his new family will need to be able to commit to this.

Additional Information – Arlo has lived happily in a home environment all his life but he found the busyness of the home too much to cope with. In the right home with a breed experienced family we feel that Arlo will flourish.
Arlo is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

Please use the application form to tell us why you feel you would be the best home for Arlo, detailing your experience with the breed and also any experience you have in working with dogs with separation anxiety.

If you feel you can give Arlo the home he is looking for please complete the application form below.
Adoption donation and home-check applies