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Archie - Available For Adoption
Archie – Age 6 months
Breed – Spaniel x Lurcher
Dogs – To be homed with a companion dog
Cats – No cats
Children – Dog respectful children aged 10 +

Dogs – At only 6 months old Archie gets on well with the other dogs at Holbrook, he was a little unsure of some of the bigger dogs to begin with but this was short lived. We would like Archie homed with a companion dog, male or female (no unsprayed bitches)

Cats – Archie has lived with 2 cats however he did chase them, we will be looking for a cat free home.

Children – Archie has happily lived with children but due to his young age he can become a little over excited therefore we recommend dog respectful children age 10+

Personality – Archie is very affectionate and loves to be around people. Being a Spaniel x Lurcher Archie has a lot of energy and loves to run and play. He enjoys learning and knows his basic commands. In Archie’s previous home he had started recall training, this will need to be continued as he easily becomes distracted with the excitement of the world around him.

Suitable home – Archie will need someone home much of the time, he is happy to be left for short periods but this must not be longer than a couple of hours due to his age. Archie also likes to learn therefore we will be looking for a home that has the time and experience to continue his training. Being an active pup a good sized garden will suit Archie well to enable him to play and burn off some of his puppy energy with his new companion dog. As mentioned above Archie loves to run so it is important that his recall training is continued, until this is solid the use of a secure dog walking field will be recommended and the use of a long-line to give him more freedom to explore when he is out on walks.

Additional Information – Archie is a very sad re-home, due to a change in his families circumstances they are no longer in a position to give Archie the time that he needs so the very difficult decision was made to surrender ownership to Holbrook, this decision was made in the best interest of Archie.

Archie has lived happily with his family from 8 weeks old, he is house trained although this may take a backwards step when he initially moves to his new home. He loves people and will bond quickly with his new family.

Archie has not been castrated yet, he is too young. His castration will be organised by Holbrook when he is old enough, this will be discussed further with his new family.
Archie is vaccinated

We expect to receive a high level interest in Archie, if you are considering applying to offer Archie his new forever home please use the application form to tell us why you feel you can offer Archie the best home he is looking for.

To apply to adopt Archie please complete the application form below.
Adoption donation and home-check applies

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