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Female - Neutered
Lab cross
Height - 52cm (to shoulder)
Age - 1 years old
Dogs - Good
Cats - Not cat tested
Children - Need to be over the age of 12 years old

Personality - Anya is totally full of beans. She just loves all the other dogs at Holbrook and has absolutely no inhibitions! She needs ongoing training in every aspect but she has such a loving nature and will learn quickly because she is intelligent and eager to please. She is also very good on the lead.

Suitable Home - You can just see from how happy she is at Holbrook that Anya will thrive in an active, outdoorsy home. She will need a companion dog of a similar age to play with and someone home the majority of the time to give her the attention she needs to thrive. She will need plenty of regular exercise and a large garden.

Additional information: Anya has been neutered and is fully vaccinated.

If you would like to apply, please complete an application form below

Adoption fees and home-check applies

Please note: Holbrook is a kennel free rescue centre and visits are strictly by appointment only

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