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Alice & Maxine

Alice & Maxine
Alice & Maxine
Alice & Maxine

Ages - About 10 years old
Size - Medium
Dogs - Friendly but can be distant
Cats - No cats
Children - Over the age of 10 years

Personality – Both Maxine and Alice are very affectionate loving dogs. Maxine is friendly and inquisitive but can be a little unsure of new people. Alice is very friendly but a little shy at first. If new visitors come to the house she retreats to her basket. They both enjoy short walks (about 15-20 mins two or three times a day). They love to cuddle up on the settee together.

Suitable home – They would like somebody at home the majority of the time, especially at first to help them settle in. If there are children in the house they must be dog savvy and over 10 years of age. As both girls are on the more mature side of life, they would appreciate a quiet home. The home must be cat free and have a nice garden for them to enjoy pottering around in.

Additional Information – Very sadly Alice and Maxine lost their Mum and Dad three weeks apart in December. They were both originally rescue dogs who expected to live their lives out with their Mum and Dad. They have both been very sad and recently lost their doggy brother. They really do need somebody to love and cherish them and give them everything a dog deserves. Please give your experience of dogs when applying for them!

Adoption donation and home-check applies

If you feel you can give the home he is looking for please complete the application form below.

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